Authorized Distributors of Dethleffs, Frankia & Niesmann-Bischoff Motorhomes in New Zealand


Owning a motorhome is an exciting and fulfilling experience that suits everyone from couples, families and the free independent travellers. The maintenance costs compared to owning a holiday house are also substantially less, making owning an motor home more achievable dream for many New Zealanders. Travelling around is perceived as being easier on the wallet, not to mention more sociable and less restrictive, than owning a holiday home.

Dethleffs and Frankia Motorhomes are built to the highest German manufacturing standards - made to last and be comfortable in all tempretures. Buying a motorhome in NZ is a great lifestyle choice and we welcome you to view our vehicle range and visit us at our local branch in Auckland to view the latest Motorhomes for sale.


Purchase date :- Feb 2018 - Jimmy Ou - Auckland

大家好,我叫Jimmy,我终于买到了自己喜欢的房车了,在这之前,我看了很多品牌,做了很多功课,去了解房车的布局,挑自己喜欢的,最后找到了Zion motorhome,它经营了好几个品牌,其中Dethleffs是我最喜欢的,在这我认识了它们的老板Jonas和他的同事Sid,他们非常热情和友善,逐一解答我的问题和给我意见,他们很专业,售后服务很好,要知道想买一样商品并不难,但想要优质的服务就一点都不简单,在Zion,所有的员工待客很有礼貌,给了我一个非常好的印象,我每次去Zion经常跟Jonaså’ŒSid交流,慢慢的就变成了朋友。Zion是一个有实力和提供优质服务的公司,背后的团队都是专业可信赖的,要经营好一个公司管理一个团队不是靠说出来而是要做出来的。如果各位对motorhome有兴趣的朋友不妨到Zion看看,听听他们专业的意见和体验一下他们是服务! 

Purchased date - June 2017 - Brian & Denis Maginness - Auckland

We attended the Auckland motorhome show in 2016.  We saw all the Motorhomes on display and were a little confused by the end of the day. I recall the last booth we visited was Frankia and met Jonas Ng.  We instantly were impressed with both the informative and professional approach of Jonas. 

The Frankia 7900 seemed to tick all the boxes for us, queen size walk around bed, proper shower, seperate toilet, large boot, Mercedes rear wheel drive, luxury finish.  These features combined with Jonas manner made our decision easy. Since taking delivery Jonas's after sales service is excellent, nothing is a problem. For anyone wanting a luxury motorhome from a truly professional company, contact Jonas Ng.

Brian Maginness