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Owning a motorhome is an exciting and fulfilling experience that suits everyone from couples, families and the free independent travellers. The maintenance costs compared to owning a holiday house are also substantially less, making owning an motor home more achievable dream for many New Zealanders. Travelling around is perceived as being easier on the wallet, not to mention more sociable and less restrictive, than owning a holiday home.

Dethleffs and Frankia Motorhomes are built to the highest German manufacturing standards - made to last and be comfortable in all temperatures. Buying a motorhome in NZ is a great lifestyle choice and we welcome you to view our vehicle range and visit us at our local branch in Auckland to view the latest Motorhomes for sale.


Goldschmitt Full Front & Rear Air Suspension

Earlier this year we made the decision to look at air suspension options available for our  Burstner A class motorhome. The main considerations were improving the ride, in no small part due to the state of the roads, as well as achieving a weight upgrade to 4000kgs and adding the options of self levelling and a weighing capability to check axle loadings.  

After researching a couple of options we decided that the Goldschmitt system fitted our brief and made the call to Jonas at Zion Motorhomes. He promptly confirmed that the vehicle was suitable, confirmed pricing etc including a new set of heavy duty wheels and we gave the go ahead.

Understandably Covid 19 held things up for a short while but things we’re soon underway for the changeover. This was done in a timely and efficient way in an immaculate workshop and with staff that we knew would take good care of our motorhome. Once it was ready for pick up, there was a full handover of how the system operated in the various modes and we were on our way home. The official paperwork was all being done in the background with the LT400 certifications completed and a copy available a short while later.

Today we have been for our first COF since the upgrade, no problems and didn't expect any, paperwork in the system, done and dusted.

On reflection, we are very happy with this upgrade and the ride is markedly better - the levelling and weighing is a real bonus!

Thanks Jonas, we are absolutely delighted with our “new” ride and very happy to recommend you and your team along with the Goldschmitt product.

Kindest regards

Rob and Fiona

Review from Google by Diane Gray

The fridge in our Frankia 7400GD has never kept cold consistantly and even though it was out of warranty Zion found the fault and made necessary adjustments at no charge. After sales service is great!