All perfect details in one

To have luxury also means not to economise on ideas

The XL I A Class opens the door to the mobile luxury class. Completely revised both on the interior and on the exterior and available in two equipment lines, it offers everything for the highest demands.

It unites quality and stability of the premium class with the playful lightness of modern leisure vehicle construction.

The entirely rot-proof construction of sidewalls, roof and floor is complemented with the lightweight furniture in trendy design.

The Gourmet kitchen, top-of-the-range bathroom and the cosy seating lounge with its panoramic side window are unequalled.

The GLOBETROTTER XL I Plus factors

  • Fiat Ducato with Common Rail Turbo diesel technology, MultiJet direct injection and Euro 6 engine
  • AL-KO broad gauge low frame chassis
  • SKA pilote seats (optional: SKA air suspension seats)
  • Large seating area with panoramic side window
  • Extra wide doors (700 mm) with electric closing mechanism and 2-point locking
  • Alde warm water heating with heat exchanger for engine pre-heating

The Globetrotter XLi Video


Note: The illustrations are examples only. They may also show accessories and optional equipment that are not part of the standard scope of supply. Actual model versions may vary. Subject to technical modifications and errors.

Standard soft furnishing

Wood decors

Calva Apfel Globebus

Almeria Ash White

Calva Apfel Globebus

Almeria Ash Gloss (option)

Soft furnishing

Bozen (standard)

Platinum (standard)

Real leather Meran (option)

Dethleffs Plus factors

Standard specification interior

Exclusive entrance area with many high-quality details

Melodious: Perfectly created Sound system (option)

Mobile phone & Co: 2 USB sockets

Multimedia: Dethleffs Naviceiver (option)

Pleasant cooling: Powerful roof air conditioning (option)

Electrical front blind (option) and windscreen

Pilote air-driven seats by SKA

Standard specification exterior

Extra wide conversion door with electrical closing aid

Large, LED illuminated rear garage

Repair-friendly: 2-piece GRP rear

Two-piece GRP front with LED day-time-running lights

Elegantly integrated, electrical awning (option)

ALKO broad gauge low platform with Tandem axle

Victron Energy MultiPlus charging / inverter combination (option)

Victron Energy Digital MultiControl with operation panel located over the living room door (option)

Double floor with lots of storage space

Accessories Included - For New Zealand only

200W solar panel with MPPT charger

7" Display Stereo with GPS & reverse camera

Thule Awning

19" Avtex LED TV

Kiwiset Sat Automatic Dish

XL I Premium

The XL I Premium version

The XL I is also available as Premium version and has even more to offer. Most of the optional equipment features are already part of the standard specification.

In addition, there are extras that more than justify the title of “Premium”. The first impression of the exterior with its elaborate paintfinish perfectly fits the image of a Premium class vehicle.

Premium Advantages

Luxurious cab

Pilote air-driven seats by SKA

Panoramic skylight

16" alloy wheels

Bright LED low beam for more safety

Central locking


  • Large, opening Panoramic skylight (75 x 105 cm) for living and sleeping rooms.
  • Maximum seat comfort: Ergonomic SKA air-driven seats with integrated 3-point-safety belt and divers anatomically adapted settings.
  • Fully equipped cab with Dethleffs Naviceiver (s. page 31), multi-function steering wheel with remote control, Aluminium applications, cab carpet, cab door N/S, electrical blinds and sun shades for side windows.
  • Sophisticated illumination concept with different light intensities for living and sleeping rooms and standard indirect lighting


  • Central locking by Fiat original key for cab door, conversion door and rear garage doors. They are secured by an alarm system (option).
  • Front headlights with very bright LED low beam.
  • Anthracite polished alloy wheels 16" in Dethleffs design.
  • 5.4 tones maximum authorised total weight and high payload.
  • The gas bottle switch over automatically changes from the empty gas bottle to the full one and ensures gas operation while driving.
  • Reversing cam to Naviceiver display