Enjoy the breath taking New Zealand on Motorhomes

Every country has a certain amount of natural beauty to boast about. And New Zealand is also no exception to this. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, New Zealand might look small on the world map, but it is as diverse as several continents rolled into one.

New Zealand is jam-packed with things to do (like bungee jumping, kayaking, scuba diving, rock climbing, and water surfing and so on). The hardest part of planning your holiday will be deciding which one to do first. New Zealand has 14 national parks which are overflowing with beautiful, natural scenery and activities. Following is a list of things that one must experience in a New Zealand tour:-
  • Experience quality dining and world-class wines in Auckland and Wellington
  • Encounter volcanic and geothermal landscapes in Rotorua
  • Discover your sense of adventure by bungee jumping or skydiving
  • Venture through untouched alpine valleys
  • Encounter whales, dolphins, rare birds and unique wildlife
  • Explore glacial valleys and alpine lakes on the West Coast.

Each location in the country is unique and distinctive in character, and with the country being so compact, you can easily visit several locations on your holiday.

Why motorhomes are best for New Zealand tour? There is just one type of holiday accommodation that suits all kinds of travelers in New Zealand and that is a motor home or a campervan. There, it is the most desirable mode of transport for a holiday trip by road. While some people in New Zealand, set off for a sensational holiday trip in their own luxury motorhome while many others who cannot afford to purchase one, opt for campervan hire in order to fulfill their traveling desire and need. There are several reasons behind a motor home being the number one choice among these travelers. The most primary ones are as follows:- a) It ensures a hassle free journey owing to no need of purchasing tickets, booking hotels, renting a car for local sight-seeing and so on. b) Hiring a motor home is cheaper than staying in an expensive hotel. c) You feel the comfort and warmth of a home inside the campervan. d) It is a very convenient form of a holiday since you have the liberty to change the course and schedule of your journey, park the car anytime and anywhere on the road for however long you want and start again you are ready to move. e) The kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities are handy and many sites or locations have great positions at the edge of a lake or by the beach where free camping may be possible. Motorhomes or campervans - whatever you call them, there is no doubt that they are the ultimate accommodation choice for flexibility on a driving holiday. A home on the road gives you the freedom to take each day as it comes. So, roam the country, finding beautiful and remote places to park and picnic, and enjoy New Zealand to the fullest. About Company: Zion Motorhomes Ltd, NZ provides a range of Premium, Luxury Campervans and Motorhomes for Sales. We offer various size and types of vehicles to match your requirements. So start living your dream today! Enjoy Exploring New Zealand at your own comfort! For more information on buying Campervans, Motorhomes or Caravans in New Zealand visit: https://www.zionmotorhomes.co.nz/ or email us at info@zionmotorhomes.co.nz or call +64 2 1227 6662 and we will get back to you with the best offers. Don't forget to ask for a Test Drive at our head office in Auckland.