Seal of quality for Dethleffs Lifetime-Plus Superstructure

Our efforts are paying off. We are proud that the specialist magazine "Reisemobilist" has given us the cabin seal for robust construction .

The Dethleffs Lifetime-Plus superstructure construction has been used since the current model year in all our Reisemobilen from the Advantage series. This new construction combines an absolutely decay-proof and thus long-lasting wall construction with state-of-the-art insights into the healthy interior climate.

The editor of the Reisemobilist wrote the following:

"In Isny ​​you do not do half of the things, wood and styrofoam have completely disappeared from the cabin with the Lifetime superstructures, and the entire maintenance-free system is protected against hail.

Because it was just right to make it right, we also ensured perfect cold-bridge freedom, even in the ground, and the subject of ventilation and room climate almost perfectly solved.

The elaborate fully ventilated furniture construction, which has not been rated here, shows that you can here know what the northern European customers are looking for with their particularly high demands on the living space ventilation. The high market share in Scandinavia is clearly noticeable.

Can one do something better than Dethleffs? Already as it is, the Lifetime-Plus cabin makes some luxury cars look old."

The editorial staff congratulated the award.

July 1, 2016

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