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Why not breathe in the fresh sea air in Croatia again or admire the picturesque scenery in beautiful Tuscany? With our quality FRANKIA motorhomes you will enjoy each and every trip take in your home on four wheels.

FRANKIA is „made in Germany”. Starting with design and assembly, all the way to quality assurance, our employees always devote their hearts and best know-how to the work they do on your motorhome. Our daily goal is to ensure that you enjoy your travels. So just go ahead and plan your next trip, we’ll make sure you reach your destination carefree and relaxed. We guarantee it with our good name.

The place where this type of manufacturing business still exists is Marktschorgast in Upper Franconia in Bavaria. Aside from tasks that require great precision and the use of computer controlled CNC machines, all the work at FRANKIA is done manually.

Furniture parts, car bodies, in-house sewing, virtually everything is done by hand. The passion and handicraft of our employees go into the making of every FRANKIA motorhome. They are all trained specialists that work on each motorhome with the utmost care as if it were their own.



  • 2015

    Selection series

    FRANKIA launch the Selection range in 3.5 t class, thanks to innovative lightweight design.

  • 2014


  • 2010

    Investment in the

    FRANKIA invests EUR 400,000 in a new, 12 m long, 66 tonne continuous press for manufacturing sandwich elements for side wall production.

  • 2008

    Enlargement in

    FRANKIA brings new costomer service centre and new production hall into service.



    Fire in the

    In December 2005 a major fire in the carpentry workshop and side-wall production area destroyed production completely. With the help of a hired hall in Bayreuth, the first motorhome was again able to roll off the production line as early as February 2006. FRANKIA plans a new building in Marktschorgast.

  • 2003


    FRANKIA motorhomes are known for their double floor technology and vast number of features. FRANKIA further focus on the idea of vareo space and develop a motorhome that can be extended at the rear.

  • 1994

    Double floor

    FRANKIA has been building motorhomes with double floors since 1994.



    Move after

    Construction of the new works in Bernecker Strasse in Markschorgast, which is still the company headquarters today.

  • 1990


    In May 1990 Pilote take over as sole shareholder of FRANKIA.

  • 1983

    Change of name

    The company is renamed “FRANKIA Fahrzeugbau GmbH”. It began mass-producing motorhomes.



    The first

    Construction of the first motorhome.

  • 1960


    The company is founded in Marktschorgast by Gustav Gross.




Groupe Pilote
Our parent company

Since 1990 Groupe Pilote has been our sole shareholder. Near the Breton city of Nantes, in La Limouzinière, are the headquarters of our parent company Groupe Pilote. Here, as well as in La Membrolle, near Angers, caravans and later on motorhomes have been manufactured for over 50 years. Nowadays, Groupe Pilot only manufactures motorhomes and vans.


Impressions from the production facilities