FRANKIA wall structure
Thermo Guard

Maximal stability is provided by 34 mm thick walls. The glass fibre reinforced polyester cladding placed on walls, ceiling and floor offers protection in all unfavourable weather conditions, including hail. There is also a second cladding made out of Styrofoam that enables optimal insulation and a pleasant indoor atmosphere. Aluminium profiles fitted into the cladding enhance the stability even more. For the interior cladding we used a visually appealing decor.

Advantages of the Thermo Guard System:

  • maximal stability
  • weather & hail resistant
  • optimal indoor atmosphere
  • no cold bridges

a) 34 mm thick walls
b) Surface decor
c) GFRP cladding
d) Styrofoam insulation
e) Aluminium profiles fitted into Styrofoam


Double floor concept

With its double floor concept FRANKIA aims for perfection and individuality even in the smallest detail: In order to optimise the use of storage space, FRANKIA has developed a special double floor for all layouts.

This is what FRANKIA’s double floor has to offer:

  • heated garage
  • integrated fresh water and waste water tank
  • pipes protected against frost
  • plenty of storage space

a) Toilet cassette – can be changed using an exterior latch
b) Optional 80l sewage tank (depends on layout)
c) Pump


Always enough drinking water
Fresh water system

The FRANKIA fresh water system is clever and elaborated. Fresh water is supplied by multiple sources so that there is always enough drinking water in the motorhome.

There are two separate water systems, one for drinking water and the other for water used for other purposes.

Even in water-deficient areas, the small 20 l fresh water tank provides clean, hygienic and clear drinking water. An extra tap makes the process of getting drinking water faster and completely hygienic. To quickly fill up the tank and for regular cleaning use the service flap fitted just for this purpose.

The 150 l water tank is designed for normal household use.

Advantages of the FRANKIA fresh water system:

  • clean, hygienic and clear drinking water
  • additional 20 l fresh water tank with own external flap
  • completely independent water circuits
  • 150 l water tank for normal household use

a) clean drinking water from the fresh water tap
b) 20 l fresh water tank with own service flap
c) direct water pipes
d) standard tap connected to the 150 l tank (normal household use)


You can go longer without making unwanted stops!
FRANKIA supply and waste systems

Thanks to an optional 80 l waste storage tank (depending on layout) you don’t have to worry about quickly finding the closest disposal point.

You can still use the standard Thetford cassette. If necessary, the cassette can be emptied by pumping the content into the waste storage tank.

Components of the supply and waste system:

  • toilette cassette
  • optional 80 l waste tank (depending on layout)
  • pump


Everything designed just to your liking
FRANKIA design options

Exclusive ambience is a question of style.

With the new FRANKIA design concepts you are given the opportunity to really personalize the interior of your motorhome. Choose your favourite from our eight different design concepts. Let yourself be inspired by the harmony of the design combinations within each concept.

Sophisticated upholstery were chosen to match the colours of the curtains perfectly, the wooden surfaces have been elegantly refined, all with the goal to give your interior a unique style. We didn’t overlook any details! Not even the floor design or the worktop in the kitchen.

FRANKIA design concepts – just to your liking.