Zion Motorhomes Niesmann + Bischoff | Clou inside


There is always space for great ideas.

We're architects. Over an area of approximately 16 to 20 square metres, we have made you an entire home, with a cosy living room, a large bathroom, a kitchen that has everything you need and a bedroom made with the fabric of dreams. For this, we need to call on many great solutions.

Open bathroom

The maximum size open bathroom in its category

With an array of ideas both large and small, we at Niesmann+Bischoff have ensured that you can enjoy an exceptionally large bathroom area with ample freedom of movement in each of our motorhomes. Enjoy the luxury of well-being within your own four walls, with the addedbenefit that these walls are all particularly far apart.

A long, luxurious shower is calling.

After a long, relaxing lie in the sun, there's no better feeling on holiday than stepping into the large and luxurious shower in a Niesmann+Bischoff. Each of our models dedicates a lot of space to the bathroom. Then you've got yourself a large shower tray. And a large wellness area in your Arto.

Swivel toilet

To create as much space for showering as possible, even in smaller areas, the swivel toilet can be stowed away into the wall with a simple flick of the wrist.


The most important ingredients in our kitchen? Good ideas.

If you want to fit an oven, fridge, freezer, one sink, three gas hobs, as many drawers as possible and even more, all within an area of just one-and-a-half square metres, you need to draw on a wealth of excellent ideas. At Niesmann+Bischoff, we have them in abundance. Everything is there, so you've got all you need, even on your holiday. The kitchen still manages to look spacious, as every detail has its own individual place. And to keep it this way, you can lock up and secure all the cabinets in the kitchen using a single switch.


Refine your exclusive dream Liner

The refinement of your dream Liner can be assisted not just through integration of the floral "Green Grass" lights, but also through the application of real slate or wooden elements which set beautiful accents in the kitchen, bathroom and entrance area - in harmony with your respective seat cushions.

Black Stone

Black slate in its natural form: a wonderful highlight for the leather-covered handle in the entrance area of the washbasin in the bathroom.

Jeera Green

The most attractive variation for many connoisseurs. Depending on the layer used, this natural stone varies in colour between a light tone structure and a green shade.

Green Grass

Whether in the bedroom or on the door between the lounge and wellness bathroom: this type of illumination is sure to delight you.

Open lines of sight

Travelling means freedom. In the interior, too.

Travelling with an Arto means freedom. And this freedom begins on the inside. When you're relaxing in your Arto and enjoying the view, it shouldn't end at the first partition wall before the kitchen. Thanks to our idea of retractable belt supports, it doesn't have to. This allows us to remove this wall completely and create a totally different sense of space. Now you can enjoy the luxury of unlimited freedom in each of our liners. Sometimes things need to be left out to achieve maximum comfort, whatever the cost.

How a driver's seat becomes a recliner.

What's the difference between two comfortable, ergonomic driver's and passenger seats and two cosy recliners? Exactly 180 degrees, the optional SKA seats in a Niesmann+Bischoff can be whichever you want. As driver's seats, they offer you support on long journeys and can be adjusted for the specific needs of every part of your body. And when you feel the need to take a break and recharge your batteries, just spin the seat 180 degrees around until it locks in place, and adjust the height so you can rest your legs on the sofa in front of you. Now just fold your arms behind your head and enjoy a relaxing evening in front of the television.