Zion Motorhomes Niesmann + Bischoff | Clou inside


Running gear and chassis

Travel with the feeling of driving a car.

We want your holiday to begin before you even hit the road. This is why Niesmann+Bischoff luxury liners offer unique driveability. We have done everything in our power to ensure that the Arto drives better than a vehicle the size of a motorhome.

The AL-KO low frame with super-broad gauge is modified so that the entire structure is lowered, including the Arto's centre of gravity. This effect is magnified by the large water tank in the tub of the double floor, as this lowers the centre of gravity a little bit more.

But if we want to offer a driving experience like in a car, we can't stop there. Our solution is securely fastened cross-bracing in the low frame. Quite complex, but particularly effective, as this gives the Arto a very special level of rigidity.

We take it as a given that both driver and passenger should have maximum protection while travelling. As a result, we have integrated the secure and certified crash box into our Niesmann+Bischoff design unmodified. Only then were we content.

Front mask & rear panel

Seven rather than three, in case you`re not paying attention.

An Arto is big, but there's still no space for certain things - like dents at the front and rear, for example. So we put on our thinking caps and came up with a solution. Or rather seven solutions. This has a number of benefits. For one, some parts can be changed more cheaply than others; secondly, this enables quicker access to the cooler and engine bay. We manufacture all parts from extremely wear- and scratch-resistant GRP. And the best thing of all about this material - small scratches can be polished away using gelcoat paste, while larger scratches are taken care of with a special surfacer.

Insulation & coating

Double-sided aluminium. A good idea, which we have made better.

Whether it's a summer or a winter holiday, you can always get caught cold by the weather. Or caught in a sweat. We have ensured that the temperature always feels just right on your holiday - at least in your Arto. We have been making panels from double-sided aluminium for more than 30 years and have been improving the material since the beginning. The structure is simple - aluminium on the outside, styrofoam on the inside. In this composition, the walls are virtually non-conductive - heat and cold have to stay outside. And so that you are insulated all around, we don't just use this material in the rear and side walls, but also in the floor and in the exterior storage doors. But despite all this insulation, we'll also keep our fingers crossed for good weather, of course.

DE: Arto / Technik / Sandwich Prinzip

The connection between the roof and the side walls is also free of cold bridges thanks to double-sided aluminium.

The elaborate side skirts made of varnished aluminium profiles give the Arto a sporty look on the outside. They cover the chassis frame and the retracted outside step.

We use aluminium on the outside and styrofoam on the inside, based on the sandwich principle, so that the walls don't conduct either heat or cold.

Heating & ventilation concept

A giant leap for warm feet.

You're always well prepared with an Arto, even for those colder days on your holiday or for your winter break. Whether you go for the standard Truma air heating or the optional warm-water heating from Alde, you can have a cosy holiday in your Arto, even in sub-zero temperatures outside, thanks to our sophisticated, holistic heating concept. Holistic means that all three components - the optimal heating installation, the prevention of cold bridges and the optimal air circulation - come together to form a whole, with very simple benefits for you. Like warm feet.

Thanks to additional rear walls behind the cabinets and cushions, the air can also circulate behind the furniture and the heat from the heaters can disperse throughout the entire room.

The warm air from the floor also gets into the circulation through small air vents in the seat benches. It comes up again behind the furniture and is dispersed evenly throughout the entire room. This prevents build-up of heat at individual places.

Convector heaters in the floor protect all the fittings from cold weather. The double floor also serves as a heat storage and gives off heat to the floor similar to underfloor heating.

Quality management

The best material for your holiday adventures

We keep developing new ideas to make our vehicles even better. But sometimes we return to old inspiration - we only use the very best materials for our furnishings.

The three-layer foam concept ensures sitting on the sofa is always comfortable; 50,000 abrasion cycles testify to the long lifespan of the covers. A gap in the upholstery ensures convenient access to the storage space underneath.

Scratch-proof 3D leaf lends a high-quality wooden look to the furniture and cabinets.

Thanks to our push-to-open latches, we can manage without knobs on many doors, as these can loosen through frequent pulling and pushing. With the latest hydraulic lifting technology, the upper cabinets open and close quietly and conveniently.

The floor is particularly robust thanks to its vinyl coating with a wooden look and structure.

We only use robust glass-reinforced plastic for the shower tray, so it is extremely wear and scratch-resistant.

The sturdy door with high-quality fittings separates the bedroom and bathroom from the living area. All the key fittings and hinges in the Arto are made of metal, so they will close securely and never wear.