A Glass Cabinet for our Sunlight

We found it awkward removing and putting away wine glasses in the cupboard and making sure they were secure and not rattling. After thinking about this for a while we decided to utilise the small space next to the door to make a glass cabinet. This is situated close to the table and chairs so it is perfectly placed.

The wood panels were already there on either side, so it was just a matter of putting a mirror on the back wall and fitting two shelves and a door. We made two cardboard templates and cut out four slots where each wine glass stem would fit, and on the second template we cut out four circles to fit the bottoms of the soft drink/beer glasses. We then took the templates along to a plastic fabricator and got him to make the shelves and the perspex door. When these arrived we were very pleased that they all fitted perfectly.

The next task was finding suitable hinges for fitting onto glass and eventually found what we wanted at Technical Equipment in Glenfield. It didn’t take us long to fix the mirror on with Velcro dots. The shelves were easy enough to screw on as they came with countersunk screw holes. The door wasn’t difficult to fit once we had marked where to put the hinges on the side panel. We put a little magnetic catch on the right-hand side to hold the door closed.

To stop any rattles when we are driving we have used a piece of plastic packaging material and cut it to shape, which we slot on top of the bowl part of the upturned wine glasses when we are travelling. This material is slightly pliable, so it is easy to fit on snugly.

We are very happy with the finished result especially since we managed to do it ourselves and we’re not really home handymen.

2 thoughts on “A Glass Cabinet for our Sunlight

  1. Sayonara

    Looks fantastic. Very impressive. Can’t wait to collect our new (used) van and see if we can construct a similar rack. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Eddie and Marliene

      Thanks Sayonara. It was fun doing it. Not difficult to do because the two side panels were already there. Give it a go, it’s very satisfying.

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