Confused about using my Solar Panel power

Hi fellow Dethleffs owners. I have confused myself so much reading my huge Manual for my Globe4. Where is the AC converter control to use my solar power. I have no idea how it all works. Help.

3 thoughts on “Confused about using my Solar Panel power

  1. jonasng

    The standard motorhome does not have inverter or converter to convert the battery to 230V. You need to install inverter – 1000W or more for e.g. hair dryer, computer or small microwave.

  2. garyanddi

    The solar panel charges he house batteries
    If you want 230v AC then Jonas is correct you will need an inverter connected to your batteries. You will need to go to 200w if you are running a hairdryer (don’t run it too long or you’ll flatten your battery). We fitted a Project Inverter Pure Sine Wave 2000w ( PAY TO HAVE SOMEONE QUALIFIED TO FIT IT AS IT USES A FAIR BIT OF JUICE.

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