Dethleffs Campervans: Specifications of the Globebus Series

One of the best reasons why you should opt for a Dethleffs Campervan is the company’s unflinching commitment to customer satisfaction which ensures that they get the best out of their vehicles. Dethleffs is among the leading manufacturers of leisure vehicles and they have an extended past and quite a few innovations to look back on.

Dethleffs Globebus Series

Photo Courtesy – Dethleffs Campervans – Dethleffs Globebus Series

Dethleffs campervans exhibit the newest standards for design, functionality and safety. They are a friend of the family and this tag goes far beyond the actual product. They believe that the whole family is their main concern irrespective of its size. A strong customer relationship is initiated when you buy a dethleffs campervan.

Standard specification of Dethleffs Globebus Series campervans:  (Low Profile/ A Class)

  • Cab air conditioning
  • Front wheel drive
  • Painted bumper (Low Profile)
  • Radio pre-wiring
  • Wider tyres along with an anti theft device and revolution counter.
  • Central locking for cab (Low Profile)

 Construction Features:

  • Swivel seats N/S and O/S
  • For seats in the living room there are height-adjustable headrests.
  • Overhead lockers designed for the cab.
  • 34 mm roof and wall thickness as well as 41 mm floor thickness.
  • Skylight in opaque Plexiglass along with flyscreen.
  • Opening insulating windows with blind and flyscreen.
  • Awning light
  • You can also avail smooth sides in standard white exterior colours at extra charge.

Standard features of the Kitchen include:

  • An Oven with grill.
  • A Fridge with a freezer compartment in addition to a convex door.
  • Halogen spots.
  • Sink with glass cover and a 3-burner hob.
  • An illuminated kitchen plinth.
  • Cutlery drawer placed on smooth steel runners.
  • A Spice rack with a noble chromed rail.

Features of the Bathroom:

  • Different concepts as per the model for instance with shower curtains or with waterproof plastic walls/ doors.
  • Depending on the layout there is a fixed toilet or a Swivel cassette toilet. Both have an electronic flush.
  • All the bathrooms have big mirrors, storage compartments, a cabinet, flush fitting halogen spotlights and hooks along with a height-adjustable shower head.

Living area: Features

  • Single beds with a lift-up heading section apart from T 14.
  • Furniture finished in strong plywood and locker doors partially in high-quality MDF or medium density fibre board.
  • Flat screen TV compartment along with extendable bracket.
  • For T/I 1 there is a Low-level bed which provides easy access to the double bed.
  • Loose fitting carpets.
  • Pull-down beds and fixed beds with cold foam mattress and bed laths.
  • There is also an option where single beds designed for the Globebus 4 can be extended to form a double bed.
  • An excellent AirPlus ventilation system which provides optimised ventilation of the interior of the vehicle and lessens condensation.

Since its inception more than 70 years ago the company has always strived to deliver products to ensure full customer satisfaction. During this time Dethleffs has received quite a few awards which are simply an assertion that they have catered to the expectations of their customers in connection with dethleffs caravans and dethleffs motorhomes NZ solutions.

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