Purchased date Aug 2014 – Bruce & Judy @ Latest Update

Dethleffs Globe 4 – 3.0L 180HP
Updated from Bruce & Judy

Our 8 week trip went well. Looks like the 3 litre Fiat engine is now run in and running sweet.

ODO at end of trip is 33,000 km

Correct detail is ….

We did a total of 7270 km and used 849.83 litres

So, 11.68 litres per 100 km, or, 8.55 km per litre.

I thought my first figures were very impressive, and consumption was way less that what we had been tracking since owning the motorhome.

Of interest was that I had an axle weigh done in a VTNZ shop in Timaru, and the result was

Front 1730 kg

Back 2180 kg

Total 3.910 kg

This was with full water tank, half a tank of diesel, and driver, but no passenger, plus all the gear that we carried with us for the South Island road trip.

So glad we have a model with a good payload, and a GVM of 4250 kg

Bruce & Judy Philpott

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