Small improvements

Our new Dethleffs Trend is almost perfect, but being a bit of a handyman with time on my hands I have added  some things that my wife and I think make the van even better for us. The first thing we did was move the rubbish bin from under the sink cupboard and hang it on two self adhesive hooks on the inside of the door, a small Velcro pad at the bottom holds it in place and it is easily removable. Jackie appreciates the extra cupboard space. On the same picture you can see where I mounted a clip for the readily accessible umbrella.  Above that we mounted a fire extinguisher.      To stop any movement of the telly when travelling I added 2 brown door stops which blend in well.  You might note the hook on a chain as well which stops any small rattle.  I added a front to the bottom shelf in the shower, simply bent up a piece of Perspex and sealed then riveted it in place. Nice to have somewhere for the wine bottles and glasses that would not rattle around so I simply used a hole cutter in the shelf that was there and added some clips for wine glasses. I added a $2 shop LED light and it looks quite attractive when open.



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