Standard Specifications of Advantage (Low Profile/ A Class/ Overcab)

The best way to explore the scenic splendour of this beautiful country is to Buy a Campervan in NZ. When you Buy a Motorhome in NZ it gives you the liberty to travel wherever you want at your own pace. Enjoy the amazing comforts of home as you travel around this exquisite country with your motorhome. Select from an extensive range of Luxury Dethleffs Germany motor homes in NZ. Set off on a dream journey aboard your new vehicle and discover the wonders of this splendid country.

Standard specification of Advantage: A premium campervans for sale (Low Profile / A-Class / Overcab):

On-board Installations/ technology comprise:

  • An On-board control panel option.
  • Smoke detector.
  • Full UK specification together with: UK gas, UK electrics.
  • Electrical charger for starter as well as leisure battery 12 V/ 18A.
  • Starter as well as leisure battery with automatic switch-over for the fridge as well.
  • Wardrobe LED lighting.
  • A submerged water pump.

Features of the Kitchen:

  • Fridge with convex door as well as freezer.
  • An Oven with grill for your convenience.
  • Capacious drawers located on smooth steel runners.
  • Spice rack with noble chromed rail.
  • Sink and hob are in stainless steel.
  • An illuminated kitchen plinth.
  • A few kitchen units also have locker shelves which are height-adjustable.
  • For optimised deployment of the working surface and hobs the Kitchen centre includes a 3-split glass lid above the sink and the 3-burner hob.

Standard Features of the Bathroom:

  • In all the bathrooms you will find storage compartments, flush fitting halogen spotlights, hooks, a height-adjustable shower head, cabinets and full-size mirrors.
  • There is a Swivel cassette toilet or fixed toilet with electronic flush on the basis of the layout.
  • Different concepts depending on the model you opt for. For instance, with pivoting wall (Vario bathroom), detached shower compartment or sliding wash basin stands. The bathrooms chiefly feature water-resistant plastic side walls.

Features of the Living area:

  • The Bunk bed can load up to 100 kg.
  • Loose-fitting carpets.
  • Single beds also have a lift-up heading section.
  • Furniture finished in strong plywood and the locker doors are partly made of first-rate MDF or medium density fibre board.
  • Overcab and Children’s beds or pull-down beds with security net and access ladder against falling out.
  • Apart from the bunk beds there are fixed beds with cold foam mattresses and wooden bed laths.
  • There is also a Flat screen TV compartment along with an extendable bracket.
  • Folding seat base extensions have provisions for added storage space.
  • Magazine holder with knobs and rubber bands depending on the layout.
  • An enhanced AirPlus ventilation system provides optimised aeration of the interior of the campervan. It also reduces condensation for Overcab Double floor model for the most favourable air-conditioning integration.

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