Tips on Buying a second hand Campervan in New Zealand

Buying a Second Hand Campervan in NZ is a popular option for travellers searching for a convenient mode of transport to explore this beautiful country. Many long term backpackers and budget travellers in New Zealand prefer to buy a second hand Campervan to explore New Zealand in a relaxed way. When you Buy a Campervan you have a lot of freedom to explore uncharted regions which is simply not possible with an organised tour. Select from an extensive range of Campervans for Sale in NZ. It is better to opt for insurance when you buy your own vehicle in NZ.

Prior to acquiring the motorhome of your dreams there are certain things you must keep in mind.

It is worthwhile to acquire the vehicle before the end of season or the beginning of summer. Lots of travellers sell their vehicles at the end of winter or summer and hostel notice boards are spilling over with Motorhomes for Sale in NZ. If you turn up at this time you have a good chance of getting a good bargain.

You can also buy a decent vehicle in New Zealand at a reasonable rate. If you’re lucky you can get hold of a good second-hand vehicle which is not a battered one. If you have enough money to buy a good campervan for sale you can obviously afford to be a bit fussy.

Consider purchasing a brand that is respected locally. It may cost slightly more on acquisition however you can easily get that amount when you resell the vehicle to travellers or to the local market when you’re leaving the country.

A WOF is essentially a warrant of fitness for 6 months and Rego is a registration fee for 6 or 12 months which varies for diesel and petrol. RUCs refer to the Road User Charges for diesel vehicles. The RUC is about $41 for every 1000km on top of the pump prices and almost reduces the cost saving of diesel. If you buy a vehicle with a long Rego, WOF and RUCs in credit it’ll save you from the hassle of splashing out over the initial months. If you’re a traveller some sellers might try to sell you a vehicle secretly with a short WOF nevertheless they are lawfully obliged to have the vehicle warranted within a month of selling it.

If you are planning a longer trip Buying a Campervan in New Zealand can prove to be an economical mode of transport regardless of whether you are travelling alone or in a group. Don’t rush into a decision just to start your trip as soon as possible. Don’t buy a vehicle just to get on the road hurriedly as you may be left stranded in the middle of nowhere. These are the things you should keep in mind prior to acquiring a Second Hand Campervan in New Zealand.

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