Unique Campervans for Sale in NZ: Standard specifications of the Premium Liner (A Class)

Dethleffs Campervan - Premium Liner

Photo Courtesy – Dethleffs Campervans – Premium Liner

One of the strongest reasons to buy a Dethleffs motorhome for sale in NZ is the company’s unwavering commitment to their customers which ensures that they get the best out of the motorhomes they opt for. Dethleffs has an impressive company history and is among the most conventional manufacturers of motorhomes for sale. The Dethleffs campervans for sale represent new standards for innovative design, functionality and safety.

Standard specifications of Premium Liner (A Class):

Features of the Chassis / Base vehicle:

  • An anti-theft device along with a steering wheel lock.
  • Provisions for Cab air conditioning.
  • Rear wheel drive with twin tyres.
  • A Height-adjustable steering wheel.
  • Heated and electrical cab mirrors in an inimitable bus-style design.
  • Swivel Pilote seats Luxus with arm rests, an integrated safety belt and height/ inclination adjustment.

On-board technology/ Installations include:

  • A powerful pressure water pump.
  • A Waste bin which is integrated into the drawer.
  • Energy-saving LED lighting technology for the interior of the campervan.
  • The heat exchanger reduces engine wear by cold starting and utilizes the engine heat to heat up the living room.
  • Capacious drawers positioned on smooth steel runners along with self-closing, central locking.
  • For easy access the gas control and Gas block valves are located in the upper drawer.
  • An Extractor fan.
  • A Kitchen overhead locker with LED spots.
  • Overhead lockers through height-adjustable shelves.

Features of the Bathroom:

  • LED lighting in the bathroom.
  • Contemporary 3D bathrooms with 3 door locks.
  • Cassette toilet with an electrical pump as well as a swivel ceramic seat.
  • Wooden furniture with a stainless steel washbowl and chrome-coloured rail.
  • For good ventilation there is a Panorama window and skylight.
  • An illuminated, spacious shower cubicle with plastic or PVC walls.

Features of the Living area:

  • Two illuminated glass showcases and a shoe bin in the entrance area.
  • AirPlus overhead locker aeration to prevent condensation.
  • One-level floor from the cab all the way through to the rear.
  • Carpets for the cab as well as living area.
  • Single beds with a flexible heading section.
  • Wooden bed slatted frames and cold foam mattresses with pliable strips for the fixed beds.
  • An L-shaped lounge.
  • High-quality, ergonomic seat cushions.
  • Contemporary, swinging furniture design made of plywood and lightweight material.
  • Compartment for the flatscreen along with a pull-out bracket inside the living and sleeping area.

The standard furnishing in the campervan for sale includes Kalahari (microfibre) or Birma (microfibre+leatherette). There is also an option of real leather Amalfi or Sansibar.

Select your preferred Luxury Dethleffs Germany motorhome for sale in NZ and explore this beautiful country at your own convenience. There are different models and sizes of campervans for sale to go well with your lifestyle. Buy a Motorhome in New Zealand and enjoy an unforgettable holiday with your family or friends.

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